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"The Club" is an activity-based program I developed for residents in nursing facilities or assisted living communities. It is a seven-day-a-week program established on the concept of "continuous activities". The program is usually led by an activity professional. Although The Club is often part of a secured dementia unit, it can also be part of a day program where residents living anywhere in the building are taken to the program.

Each community establishes a Daily Routine that fits the needs of their residents. It will include brain-stimulating programs in a "no fail" and fun format. The morning may begin with sorting activities for residents who have finished breakfast. When the majority of residents have eaten are in the room, the sorting supplies are gathered and the welcome begins that acknowledges each resident as an important member of The Club.

Using a wipe off board to emphasis information, a discussion about the month and the day of the week along with the weather forecast provides residents an opportunity to relate to the day. As the morning progresses, residents will be involved in physical exercises, beverages, special programs such as singing or baking so that the individual interests and needs of each resident are met. They are involved and engaged until lunch. Residents meet again after lunch and stay together until dinner with several types of cognitive and physical activities. After dinner a nursing assistant will ask trivia questions, offer beverages and then show a classic movie or television show the residents may remember.

We have several research projects where the data shows how keeping a resident engaged in meaningful activities throughout their waking hours makes a positive impact on their lives. Residents fall less, take fewer psychotropic medications, have better nutrition and are less isolated.

From a business prospective, “The Club” has helped to increase census, and increase staff and family satisfaction. This program can be implemented easily with existing staff and without expensive equipment or supplies.

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